2 - 5 August 2018 - Blenheim Palace | BBC Countryfile Live

Anita Rani

Anita was born and bred in Bradford. Her interest in journalism began when she was young. She hosted her first radio show at the age of 14 on Sunrise Radio in her hometown of Bradford.

An ideal day for Anita involves walking all day and then spending the evening in a pub with an open fire and a few creaky floorboards.

Do you have a favourite spot in the countryside?

I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for Yorkshire having been born and bred in God's Own County. Every inch of it from Ilkley Moor which was on my doorstep, right across to Whitby on the East coast and everything in between.  But generally the more dramatic and remote a place is, the happier I am.

What’s been your most memorable moment while making Countryfile? (On or off camera.)

Being on the side of a mountain in Scotland in the most appalling rainstorm.

We were so wet and cold but it was still a wonderful experience and we couldn’t stop laughing. You know you really love a job in that situation. I was still drenched by the time I got home to London late that evening. Dreich!

What are you most looking forward to at BBC Countyfile Live 2017?

The first Countryfile Live was a wonderful experience. I loved wandering around the entire site, eating an obscene amount of delicious food being sold and having a go at a few activities. But the best bit was meeting the people who love the show. It’s a great opportunity to meet the audience, who have taken the programme to their hearts. Plus the weather was amazing last year, which always helps.

Anita Rani
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