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Our Waterside contributors

Our Waterside area is run by LNC Activities and Training with the help of the following associations.

  • The Coracle Society

The Coracle Society was formed in 1990 with the aim of promoting the use and history of coracles and their allied craft. We do this with the support of our members, some of whom still make coracles today. They demonstrate the traditions of coracle building and paddling to people of all backgrounds – from schools and youth/scout groups to the general public. We are a community open to all, whether wanting to research the fascinating history of the craft, or simply get out on the water and have a good time. No matter how hard you try, a coracle doesn’t go fast - so we relax and go with the flow. www.coraclesociety.org.uk

  • The Ironbridge Coracle Trust (Coracle Shed)

Eustace Rogers and his family made coracles for generations in Ironbridge. True men of the river, they lived through the worst years of poverty and decline. They made ends meet by fishing, poaching and building coracles. Eustace, the last Ironbridge coraclemaker, died in 2003. The shed his family used was the last working coracle shed in England. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust has been set up to preserve the family’s extraordinary shed, their way of life, their stories and their great sense of humour. The aim of the ICT is the advancement of the culture and heritage of the craft of coracles and coracle making in the Ironbridge Gorge and on the River Severn, for the benefit of the public. The Trust also organises an annual Coracle regatta on the River Severn. www.coracleshed.org

  • Teifi Coracle Netsmen’s Association

The Teifi Coracle has been used as a traditional fishing method for hundreds of years. The coracle is hand made from locally sourced materials and worked the traditional way. The Teifi Coracle Netsmen’s Association consists of the 12 remaining Teifi coracle fishing licence holders. It was set up to promote this fading traditional craft and way of life, to help preserve its livelihood for generations to come and educate the public about the Teifi coracle, its history, construction and uses, and the traditional method of fishing which is under increasing threat from many factors, including pollution causing depleted fish stocks. www.facebook.com/teificoracle

  •  Carmarthen Coracle and Netsmen’s Association

Coracles have been used to fish the River Towy in Carmarthen for centuries. The Carmarthen Coracle and Netsmen's Association was established in 1938 to help preserve Carmarthen's oldest tradition. The number of fishing licences have drastically reduced over the years and today only 8 pairs of coracles are permitted to fish on the Towy. All our coracles are handmade at the coracle sheds on the river bank, where we work at preserving this unique piece of Welsh heritage. http://www.facebook.com/carmarthen.coracles

  • Bromley Canoe Club 

Bromley Canoe Club have been paddling since the early 70’s. It is an extremely well established club, affiliated to the British Canoe Union, currently having around 100 active members with trips including The River Dart, River Exe, Teesdale the Treweryn and the Lyn.  www.bromleycanoeclub.org.uk




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